617 Million Account Details Put On Sale on the Dark Web

617 Million Account Details Put On Sale on the Dark Web
Account Details of approximately 617 million accounts
including information details, like names of account holders, their passwords
and their email address have been put on sale by hackers on the dark web. 16
websites including some well-known ones, like Dubsmash, MyFitnessPal and
ShareThis have been a target.
Although there have been no reports of any financial data
like the credit card details or banking passwords being undermined however
there is a threat of the location data, the social authentication keys and the
personal data of the users of being on sale.
A report by The Register, a British technology news and
opinion website, states that “The above mentioned information is available
for less than $20,000 in Bitcoin.”
Now, while some of the previously mentioned sites, as
Animoto, MyHeritage and MyFitnessPal, knew about the security ruptures on their
platforms and had already informed their users already about the issue, however
the breaches reported on some other sites were new thus they haven’t been
accounted for beforehand.
Both 500px and EyeEm have taken appropriate measures and
informed their users about the break all the while requesting them to change
their passwords, as a prudent step.

The list of websites affected by the hack include: Dubsmash
(162 million accounts), MyFitnessPal (151 million accounts), ShareThis (41
million accounts), Animoto (25 million accounts), MyHeritage (92 million
accounts), 500px (15 million accounts), Artsy (1 million accounts), Armor Games
(11 million accounts), BookMate (8 million accounts), Whitepages (18 million
accounts), EyeEm (22 million accounts), 8fit (20 million accounts), HauteLook
(28 million accounts) and Fotolog (16 million accounts).

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