Congested Google Servers Render Snapchat and YouTube Inaccessible!

Congested Google Servers Render Snapchat and YouTube Inaccessible!
The eastern parts of the USA were hit by a sudden congestion
of the Google servers which triggered famous apps like YouTube and Snapchat to
be inaccessible.

Quite immediately, Google addressed the matter citing that
it was dealing with the “high levels of network congestion”.
This was highlighted to be the reason for the inoperative
applications. It also affected many other services in the Google Cloud, YouTube
and G Suite.
Slow performance or/and sporadic errors are other repercussions
of the network congestion although, Google engineers are halfway through the
restoration process.
Twitter blew up with the questions and worries of the social
media users as the applications ceased to work as smoothly as they do.
On the other hand, YouTube and Snapchat also took to their
Twitter handles to concede the alarming issue at hand.
Computing happens to be one of the most profitable services
Google has to provide but it faces serious rivalry at the hands of other
technology organizations like Microsoft and Amazon.

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