Crypto-jacking: A New Vector of the Cyber-Cons after Ransomware!

Crypto-jacking: A New Vector of the Cyber-Cons after Ransomware!
Apparently, according to the records of 2018, after getting
bored with ransomware attacks, crypto-jacking has become the new tool of cyber-cons
for harvesting crypto-currency.

Crypto-jacking by nature is more insidious and stealthy and
hence in the past year has emerged as a better way of harvesting
Initially, the best choice for doing the same was
ransomware, but having surpassed it, Crypto-jacking is now cyber-cons’ favorite
2018, unlike any other year in the cyber-crime history saw a
lot of cyber-attacks, wherein the crypto-jacking attacks constituted to be
amongst the most.
The report of IBM strictly mentioned that the crypto-currency
attacks hiked by quite a large number.
Whereas, ransomware attacks plummeted by 45% including both
mobile and desktop platforms.
The major reason behind this shift of inclination towards
crypto-jacking happens to be the less-disruptive and furtive disposition.
After a ransomware is introduced to the victim, the attack
weapon goes waste after just one attack, leaving no chances for a recurrence.
Meanwhile, in the case of crypto-jacking, a recurrence is
almost ensured, making it possible for more profits from a single weapon.
Somehow, crypto-jacking appears to be the more malicious of
the two, which if ignored could lead to serious ramifications.

Reportedly, crypto-jacking could soon transform from
currency mining to fabrication its own botnets to function spyware attacks.

Leaving the users with the only advice and option; to use
the latest versions of anti-viruses and keep the systems updated.

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