EO German Mp3 Download MAKHITS.COM

EO German Mp3 Download MAKHITS.COM

EO German Mp3 Download

EO German Mp3 Download – Less than one year since launching his pop-music parody-loaded YouTube channel, 16-year-old EO’s fan-base spurred him on to make his own song. What ensued, was simultaneously unexpected and incredible. With snappy hooks and melodious flows, the video for ‘German’ produced by J Rocs, has now amassed over 6 million views, bringing the young South-Londoner to the forefront of, what is seemingly and ever-continuing, domination of popular, culturally-infused music.

Likening ‘German’ to the recent chart takeover success of another young Londoner, Ramz, with his inescapable ‘Barking’ track competing with Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ for a UK No.1 not long ago, it’s difficult to not draw comparisons between the two. As we progressed, EO then goes onto somewhat humorously recount the innocent, nascent, yet effective quest for a concept and beat for the song.

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