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Nef The Pharaoh What We Have Dej Loaf – We’re pleased to premiere the latest collaboration from Nef The Pharaoh and Dej Loaf, who linked up to celebrate the benefits of thug luv in the digital era. Enter “What We Have,” a gentle, melodic back-and-forth love letter, in which both parties break down the foundation of their partnership. Granted, it’s not always smooth sailing, but as the almighty Ja Rule once said, Pain Is Love.

Say what you will about the benefits of polyamory, but Nef makes a case all the same. “I be out with other women but I treat em like they bitches, trust me,” he assures. “They are not important, you the only one I need.” Unfortunately for the young rapper, Monogamy is too cruel a rule; after all, he is a Pharaoh, and should live life to his fullest at any and all times. Luckily, Dej remains steadfast in her loyalty, providing a shoulder to cry on and down-ass tendencies no matter what hardships may befall.

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