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Russ Serious Mp3 Download

Russ Serious Mp3 Download – “Serious” is the second release from Russ’ sophomore album, Zoo, the follow-up to his platinum debut There’s Really a Wolf. “This album, as far as like a theme and a mood, it’s really more personal than I’ve ever gone. I really dug deep. It’s really reflective of everything right now,” he told Makhits Media. “It’s really telling of what it’s like to be famous. It’s not all glamour and a lot of it is really stressful and really high paranoia at times.”

The music is reflective of his current life and feeling like an outsider. “It’s like experiencing the best aspect of your life, while also experiencing some of the most negative aspects that have happened,” he explained. “It’s a really weird balance of living your dreams and all of these amazing things are happening, but then some of the most negative things that have ever happened to your life.”

Zoo arrives Sept. 7. Listen to “Serious” below here on Makhits Media. Don’t forget to share your comments below.

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