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YBN Nahmir No Relations Mp3 Download -The rental boat scenario becomes Exhibit A for YBN & cie.
YBN Nahmir is barely old enough to hold down a moustache, so why bother putting labels on a relationship on a week’s notice. In the YBN group interview with No Jumper, Nahmir stated that when group first started touring they getting busy after every gig. They now admit they were hitting skins at a pretty unsustainable rate. To be frank, the YBN boys all outed one another as closet-romantics, but that isn’t going to change how they posture themselves in view of other people. The “No Relations” mobile shoot is where we found lust and sourdough pizza intermingle in one soluble fiber.

On “No Relations” Nahmir reaffirms his public stance over a quickfire beat he matches scale for scale. The video covers a good portion of the Miami coastline, the YBN movement isn’t locked to any sector. They met online in a fledgling chat room, then consummated their friendship on AOL. During the shoot, YBN Cordae protected his image by refusing to remove his shirt. Almight Jay, celebrating his alleged bachelor status, shows up with a flowchart heavily tilted towards “short term investment,” if you catch my drift.


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