DOWNLOAD: ZacZeta Alleges Kevin Gates Stole His Music & Tried To Have Him Shot

ZacZeta Alleges Kevin Gates Stole His Music & Tried To Have Him Shot

ZacZeta, otherwise known as Zacari Nicasio, was known up until now as the guy who crashed the peoples’ choice awards back in 2016 to promote his and Kevin Gates’ music (and to remind us that “Yeezy jumped over the Jumpman”). Now, though, he is not feeling friendly with Kevin Gates at all and is leveling some pretty big accusations at him on Instagram:

Basically, These niggas was sent to end my life. My cousin @lildaemun and I were out in traffic sometime last week on our way to the studio when these two cars pulled up out of no where, I instantly seen and felt suspicion, I told my cousin to dip off if anything were to go down , I heard the first shot go off and instantly jumped out the car while it was moving , then a few more shots went off and I began rapidly firing back in self defense – as they sped off I began walking in the opposite direction, “no firearm” then the police pulled up and took me in – I didn’t talk and no evidence was found , no shell cases or anything , I was let go within a week including today and here I am. 

He goes on to give his opinions on “that gangsta shit” and the violence and posturing of hip-hop in general:

Honestly, fuck all of that gangsta shit , I am not a gangsta- I am a black man in America. Fuck the clout – clout does not exist in reality. 
I defended my life and my cousins life from these niggas who want to kill me , and I will continue to defend my life period. All of that gang bangin gangsta shit, don’t come at me with that – I will fuck you up or worst. I am doing the best I can with my life and I will not tolerate you coward as motherfuckers with guns trying to take that from me, if it’s war then let’s get it bitch – otherwise do not fuck with me.

Dead Pelicans On the way…
Fuck #BWA FUCK #KevinGates

It’s still unclear whether or not this is a publicity stunt manufactured (or embellished) to promote his new project, Dead Pelicans, or if this is the real deal (Project Youngin faked his own shooting for a video recently). What ZacZeta is claiming is that Kevin Gates, back in 2016 and not long after he crashed the awards show, stole his song “ZetaGang Castle” and released it as “Castle.” ZacZeta talked shit about it to Gates on Instagram for a while and Zeta alleges that in retaliation, Gates tried to have him shot. Here are the two songs, ZacZeta’s posted one month earlier on Youtube:

When ZacZeta was briefly in jail for what he alleges a retaliatory shooting, his cousin (mentioned in the quote above) took over his Instagram and sent had a video message for Zeta’s followers along with his mugshot:

What do you think? Is Zeta doing this for clout or is the victim of “industry cowards”?

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