Hackers Target Popular Instagram Profiles

Hackers Target Popular Instagram Profiles
Cyber Hackers have now set their sights on the Instagram
accounts of high-profile and social media influencers with phishing emails so
as to gain access to their accounts before the influencers can even comprehend
what’s going on.
As indicated by sources it was reported that the hackers
have especially targeted those Instagram profiles that have followers somewhere
in the range of 15,000 and 70,000. Their targets for the most part go from well-known
actors and artists to even proprietors of new companies.
Starting with the phishing emails showing up from Instagram
requesting that the user should verify their accounts to get the ‘Verified’
batch on their respective Instagram profiles; it takes them to the phishing
page that requests the following user certain details such as their date of
birth, email, and credentials.
Once submitted, a batch notification shows up, yet for just
four seconds. This is a trap to give the users the feeling that their profile
has been verified thusly.
A visualization of how the hackers are stealing the Instagram profiles
As the user enters the credentials in the phishing page
attackers gain access to those credentials and by utilizing them they access
the Instagram profiles and change the data that requires recouping the stolen
The attackers change the username of the stolen address to
show that it is hacked and use it to change the email address, over and over in
order to trap the users with security emails making them feel as though the
changes made were legitimate indeed.
Screenshot of the phishing email asking the user to verify his Instagram account
That is exactly what happened to a photographer who had
approximately 15,000 followers on Instagram, when she had her account stolen.
The hackers nowadays have therefore, without any doubt
become experts in areas where they ‘lure’ the victims into handing out their
personal information to get a motivating force, particularly like the blue
batch on their profiles and their mimicry of Instagram’s messages nearly seems
Hence, here are some of the warnings users and organizations
can keep an eye out for and eventually protect their accounts from being

1. Use of
domains other than the social network’s own

2. Dubious
font styles (i.e., utilization of screenshots rather than genuine pictures)

3. Incorrect
language and punctuation 

4. Emails
that request credentials; social networks never request them outside of their
real, secure login pages

5. Spam
filters and Antispam portals.

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