US Government Issues Alert Warning against China Made Drones

US Government Issues Alert Warning against China Made Drones

As the Chinese-made drones pose a “cyber-espionage”
threat to the American organizations and different businesses that utilize them
the US government issued an alert cautioning against them.
The said warning does not allude to a particular
organization or company but rather the notice included that those utilizing the
flying aircraft for assignments identified with national security or critical
infrastructure were at high risk.

Market-leader DJI, which represents over 70% of the US
market in drones costing more than $500 said that it had found a way to keep
its customers’ information secure and gave a statement for the same, 

“We give
customers full and complete control over how their data is collected, stored,
and transmitted, for government and critical infrastructure customers that
require additional assurances, we provide drones that do not transfer data to
DJI or via the internet, and our customers can enable all the precautions DHS
[Department of Homeland Security] recommends.”
Chris Huhn, the Vice-President of business development of
Yuneec – the second bestselling Chinese manufacturer – has additionally said
that it gives users full control of their information.

“All our UAV [unmanned aerial vehicles] do not share
telemetry or visual data with internal or external parties,”

As per CNN, which was the first to report the development,
the notice was issued on Monday by the US’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure
Security Agency. This cited the notice as saying,
“The United States government has strong concerns about
any technology product that takes American data into the territory of an
authoritarian state that permits its intelligence services to have unfettered
access to that data or otherwise abuses that access,”
“China imposes unusually stringent obligations on its
citizens to support national intelligence activities.”

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